Sasameki Koto – Anime Review

Review: Ushio can’t help but openly show her affection for cute girls over and over again. Because of that she lost all her friends and was an outsider during middle school. In high school she befriends the tall, cool and strong material artist Sumika. As she doesn’t fall into the category “cute girl” she isn’t offended by Ushio’s unusual love interest. However, she slowly falls in love with Ushio but fails to be noticed as a love candidate as she isn’t her type.

In general as for the quality in art and storytelling the Sasameki Koto anime doesn’t fall behind the shoujo-ai manga it is based on. It’s a nice story; a little farfetched, but not too cliché. Yet this anime probably won’t change the mind of those who aren’t into shoujo-ai, but it’s a nice watch for those who are.
Rating: 7/10