Tokimeki Memorial – Anime Review

Review: Riku Aoba’s family have moved to a new town and he has been transferred to a new school because of his father’s new job. It’s a new school with all the latest equipments and clubs. However, this is not the reason why he is so surprised about his new school. While introducing himself to his new class, he realizes some of his classmates are wearing weird animal-ear-accessories. The beautiful, gentle and very popular girl Amamiya-san is put in change of showing him around school. She tells him those accessories are signs of great accomplishments in this school. The whole school turns out to be a crazy place. The teachers are weird, the school’s motto is “freedom” and in the end he gets tricked into a race where the whole school is after him. How is he going to survive all this? Luckily he already made good friends with some male and female students.
Rating: 6/10